New Teacher Chat #ntchat



New Teacher Chat (#ntchat) is born!


New Teacher Chat will be Celebrating a 5th year Anniversary on May 6th, 2015!        

New Teacher Chat and the hashtag #ntchat on Twitter was founded on May 5th 2010 by me, Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul.

The chat was created to provide weekly mentoring and focus on the needs of new, new to the profession and pre-service teachers world-wide. The chat is supportive and practitioner focused.

I’m hopeful that new teachers will choose to collaborate during #ntchat by sharing ideas and resources with others as well as concerns they may have as they prepare to enter the profession or are in their first years.

Experienced, tenured teachers are encouraged to take part in the chat to support and mentor this eager and excited group.

Here’s some important New Teacher Chat info:

For the New Year 2015 we are excited to start our next chat on Wednesday January 7, 2015. Watch the hashtag #ntchat for updates!

  • The chat is on Twitter from 5pm-6pm PST/8pm-9pm ET on Wednesdays.
  • Use World Time Buddy to join us in your time zone!
  • Use the #ntchat hashtag to join the conversation and post your thoughts throughout the week on Twitter.
  • Like us on FaceBook! (Link is in the side bar.) 
  • Follow us on Pinterest! (Link is in the side bar.)
  • Help me spread the word and share these links with your friends!

You can also connect with us on the New Teacher Chat #ntchat Google Plus Community or on the New Teacher Facebook Group. Join us there for more collaboration!

Co-Moderators for New Teacher Chat

New Teacher Chat #ntchat has been fortunate to gather a team of Monthly Co-Moderators who will work with the chat once a month on Wednesday. Dean Mantz @dmantz7, Derek Keenan @MrDKeenan,  are senior Co-Mods. @mistynorman12 Misty Norman-Higgins  is new and will be joining us in April 2015!


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The #ntchat history and schedule

Our 1st #ntchat officially launched on Wed May 5th 2010. It was met with great excitement!
Our #ntchat schedule is: Wednesdays, at 5pm PDT (8PM EDT, 1:00AM Thursday in Europe, 7:00AM Thursday in Sydney ). Check out World Time Buddy to join us in your time zone!

Archives of #ntchat (As of November 2013, chat will no longer be archived.)

January- October 2013, archives were posted to this New Teacher Chat Google Site #ntchat Archive page.  Archives were curated in Storify. Click on the “New Teacher Chat Google Site” link in the side bar to visit the site. As of Novemebr 2013, the chat will no longer be archived.

(Archives for past weekly #ntchats 2010-2011 can be made available upon request.)

New Teacher Chat Live Binder

Are you a fan of LiveBinders? I certainly am and I created a  LiveBinder some time back with tons of resources on New Teacher Chat. In addition, the binder has, suggestions of how to connect, support and mentor new teachers. You can find the public sharing of it here: New Teacher Chat Live Binder. Feel free to use and share with your colleagues.

Join #ntchat on Twitter

Help us make #ntchat a growing presence on Twitter by sharing information about our purpose with your colleagues.
Spread the word via your school settings and places of higher education as well.

How do I participate in #ntchat?

  1. You need to create a Twitter account and begin to practice and participate on Twitter.
  2. Use TweetGrid or TweetChat (online), Tweetdeck (download & install), or Tweetie for Mac (download & install) to set up 2 or 3 columns” a search for #ntchat, a search for @yourname (for direct mentions to you) and a third to keep following your friends.
  3. Join us on Twitter at the specific time, and be sure to keep an eye on the #ntchat search column.
  4. Interact by including the hashtag #ntchat in your tweets.
I’m excited for what the future will bring for New Teacher Chat as we reach out to local and global supporters!
Join me as I seek to support you, the new aspiring teacher, in your journey!


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  17. I was introduced to #ntchat today and so far I am loving it. The topics of focus are all very important not only for new teachers but for those that have been teaching for several years. The videos are very engaging and the information provided with examples of strategies for instance with the classroom management topic are very helpful. I have read through several of the examples that a teacher may use and I would most definitely test them out in my own classroom.
    Thank you for the wonderful information as a teacher candidate I will continue to visit #ntchat to learn more!

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  21. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for focusing on aiding all new teachers! As a new teacher myself, your support has personally been very helpful in developing confidence in my PLN. I hope to make time to contribute the the #ntchats and help you create a helpful resource for all the new-be’s out there!
    Keep up the great work!!!

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