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This week I participated with Volunteer Spot and education colleagues to produce this webinar for McGraw Hill Education.

The webinar was entitled Social Media Savvy for Educators. Its purpose was to support educators, who might be new to using social media, to seek out resources and then launch into those spaces that could be supportive to them.

In this webinar we shared ways to tap into the power of social media to increase professional effectiveness, student engagement and parent participation!  K-12 educators and leaders, participated with us to learn how to integrate Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Edublogs, Google Hangout and more into their everyday work.

I invite you to check out the slideshare and social media resource links below to get a feel for what we presented. Then consider if there are any new insights or take-aways that you can use to support your practice.

[slideshare id=16370320&doc=socialmediasavvy4educators02-13-130205173419-phpapp02]


Meet the Presenters:

Lisa Dabbs (@TeachingwthSoulTeachingWithSoul.com

Joe Mazza (@Joe_MazzaeFACE Today

Ronnie Burt (@RonnieBurt@EdublogsTheEdublogger

Jon Samuelson (@ipadsammyiPadSammy

Karen Bantuveris (@VolunteerSpot & @VSpotMom)


SM Heart

Social Media Resources:


Becoming a Connected Educator by Joe Mazza

Students Debrief Their 1st Social Media Summer by Joe Mazza

Connecting Cultures by Joe Mazza

Mo. Tech. Specialist Pushes Power of Social Media by Edudemic

Making the Case for Social Media in Education by Edutopia


Parents Guide to Twitter in Education by Joe Mazza

25 Ways To Use Twitter To Improve Your Professional Development by Edudemic

Popular Education Hashtags

Twitter Handbook for Teachers by PLP Network

Twitter In Our Classroom

Global Research: KindergartenTwitter  by Matt Gomez

Google+, Pinterest, Facebook

50 Ways Schools Can use Google+ Hangouts by Edudemic

Educators Guide to Google Reader by EduBlogs

Educators Guide to Facebook by EduBlogs

Educators Guide to Using Pinterest by Education Technology

Pinterest for Teachers by Jess Young 

Pinterest for your PTA or PTO by VolunteerSpot


So You Want to Do a Mystery Skype by Pernille Ripp

Educators Guide to Skype by EduBlogs


Student Blogging Challenge by EduBlogs

Educators Guide to Blogging by EduBlogs

Engaging Parents

Home & School 2.0 – Monthly LiveStreamed PTA Mtgs by Joe Mazza

Social Media to Engage Families by TVOParents

Schools are Using Social Media to Engage Parents by EdWeek

A Parent’s Guide to 21st-Century Learning by Edutopia

Teacher Professional Development

PD from your Peers: Exploring Edcamp with Lisa Dabbs

New Teachers: 20 Tips for Success by Lisa Dabbs

New Teacher Mentoring Project by Lisa Dabbs

hand shake photo

Thanks  to McGraw Hill Education for Sponsoring this and other supportive webinars for educators!

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Lisa Dabbs

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  3. How useful is social media these days in every aspect of life.

  4. Social media is a great resource to interact with people.

  5. Social media is key to student recruitment in the digital age, and a new social media ranking reveals the winners and losers among UK universities.

  6. […] Social Media Savvy Resource links (scroll to the bottom of the page) […]

  7. […] Social Media Savvy Resource links (scroll to the bottom of the page) […]

  8. There are so many social media outlets are being used for education end learning purpose. These social networks are playing a vital role in the online education industry, since they have a huge network of people of different industries and anyone can easily get an approach to their relevant person, field and services. Thanks a lot for this worth reading post

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