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Today is the first day of the celebration of Random Acts of Kindness week. I’ll be sharing insights on this important movement, this week on the blog, as I salute the RAK Foundation for their commitment to use this week to show us how important it is to BE KIND.

There’s a lot of research on the issue of kindness and whether it can be taught…or not. After reviewing it for myself, I’m inclined to agree that it CAN be taught, just as we teach any other curriculum content in our schools. More importantly, however, I agree with those who say that kindness, already present, must be nurtured. I would also add to that statement that as educators, kindness must be modeled, in our schools and classrooms, daily.

Today I share a simple example of that modeling, by a group of dedicated young people, in Washington, DC.

Take 5 minutes to watch how they are taking the kindness movement to the streets by “Making the world a better place one sign at a time”.

Today for #RAKweek Day 1, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to SMILE at 10 STRANGERS!

RAK week ideas

Are you up for the challenge? What will you do this week, to jump start your journey of nurturing kindness in the classroom and beyond?

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