Last October we brought Susan Fulginiti of the Georgia-Pacific team to join our weekly New Teacher Chat #ntchat to talk about how Georgia-Pacific enables teachers to bring conservation to the classroom. GP has practiced conservation throughout their history. As a forest products company they use a renewable resource, fiber from trees, to make most of their products, which makes it essential to their business to sustain these resources and be a good environmental steward.


To share their commitment to environmental forestry beyond their walls they created a resource – Educational in Nature® – an environmental education program developed more than ten years ago. The program provides activities and lesson plans for 4th and 5thgrade students and teachers about energy, products from tress, paper recycling and chemistry. Teachers can get these resources for free at

 Conservation pic


In the spring conservation becomes an even more relevant topic to GP as the company is reminded of the importance of conservation as Earth Day approaches. Earth Day is a good time to talk about conservation, particularly with students, which is why we will be welcoming Georgia-Pacific back on March 27 to discuss how educators handle the topic of conservation during Earth Day.


To further the discussion, I will be hosting an Earth Day contest in conjunction with Georgia-Pacific that kicks off on April 1.  This contest will enable educators to share more ideas on how to bring conservation to life on Earth Day.


Please join us on Wednesday, March 27, at 8pm ET/5pm PT for this New Teacher Chat on Earth Day planning.  We’ll have special Georgia-Pacific goodies to give away, too!


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