Hi All!

In my work with new teachers, it’s so important to me to provide them with practical, supportive ideas that they can quickly apply to their work with students.

As the Thanksgiving Holiday is fast approaching,I want to share some ideas for Thanksgiving Themed lessons.

Here is list of great resources from the web that I cooked up, just for this season. There are tons more, I’m sure!

Here’s just a few really fun ones to help you get started:

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving day Comic

Harvest Festivals from Around the World

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Thanksgiving Activities

Lesson Plans Page for Thanksgiving

Enchanted Learning-Thanksgiving

A-Z Thanksgiving Theme Lessons

Teacher Vision Thanksgiving Resources

Would love to have you share a comment, if you try any links, and use them in your classroom or pre-service lesson planning.

Hoping this time of Thanksgiving will inspire you to “cook up” some wonderful teaching and learning with your students!

Photo:Jennifer13, “Leaf Turkey”, 11/23/06, CC by-NC2.0 via flickr 

Photo: Piero Serra, Thanksgiving, Orcas Island, 11/29/04, CC by-NC-SA 2.0 via flickr

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